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Forget the past. Forget your age. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

The important question is NOT: Are your desires going to be easy to achieve?

The important question IS: Are your desires worth the hard work?

Deep down you know the answer to the latter is YES!

– Mark and Angel Chernoff

When was the last thing you did something that made you happy? Something that scared you? Something that is so hard? Something no one else is doing? Something no one can do for you? But something you want to do

Your dreams…

The surprisingly old-new way to easily make money online

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I have a confession to make. I did not believe in the online gig economy until the effects of COVID-19 made me try it out late last year for some extra cash.

So far I have made close to $1,000. It is not a lot of money but for someone who had zero faith in online work, this is almost a miracle. I know of many people who can afford to live comfortably without starting a business or requiring a regular 9–5 job but by just freelancing.

When you think of…

4 Tips to Build Trust in a Hybrid Work Environment.

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Before starting my current job, I was working both remotely and in-office. I loved it! And so did my progressive manager. Due to some health issues, my manager and I created a hybrid working schedule that focused on results and did not affect the core function of my role.

In hindsight, this probably worked well because we were serving customers in four different locations. However, I still learned a lot that during that phase which equipped me for hybrid-working post-corona.

The most important factor to a successful hybrid work arrangement is trust. Funnily, it is the most overlooked factor. All…

Irregardless of where you are in your career, there are certain skills you can develop to grow your career during these difficult times.

No one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact globally. Companies from almost all sectors are reporting losses and a number are laying off their employees. Even before pandemic started the unemployment rates in Kenya were high, this number has significantly increased and continues to grow daily.

It is a common theme for many to think that just because many companies are laying off employees and very few companies are hiring at the moment, you…

The connection between your natural inclination, career choice and happiness.

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I recently read a book by Jessica Pryce Jones in which she talks about her research and findings into happiness at work and how to maximize your psychological capital for success.

It is an interesting read. I recommend that if you are able to get it, read it and re-read it. It offered such interesting insights into what leads to a happiness at work in 5 clear components.

  1. Contribution
  2. Conviction
  3. Culture
  4. Commitment
  5. Confidence

While they are all very important, it mostly focused on those who were already working and trying…

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How you spend your first minutes of the day determines the quality of your day and if you make it a habit, it determines the quality of your life.

If you wake up late, dress hurriedly, miss breakfast and the bus, you are bound to have a bad day. You get to work late, then your manager becomes angry at you and you just can’t get shake off the thought of how badly your colleagues think of you.

On the flip side, if you have a good structured morning routine you will have so much time (and with no need…


About me? I am an extremely curious person who loves bringing people closer to their dream careers and seeing them find fulfilment in their lives.

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